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Modesty Wear and Hijab Fashion in Bangladesh

Add Modesty into Your Attire

Suit yourself with our huge modesty collection. You can find different types of hijab and burka on our website. Modesty is the new trend in our country. That's why we have stocked the latest hijab collection 2018 to bring you the newest hijab ever.

Largest Hijab Online Shop in Bangladesh

Based on fabric

  • Pashmina

We have stocked this fine Kashmiri wool just for you. Pashmina is very comfortable hijab material during summer and winter.

  • Silk

Sparkle with modesty on each and every party night with silk hijab. Shimmer silk is popular for party wear. They give semi-coverage. They are lightweight and create detailed folds in your hijab.

  • Cotton

During summer, suit yourself with cotton hijab. Most of the cotton hijab has full coverage length. Every traditional and festival occasion bring modesty in your vesture. You can wear them on daily basis too.

  • Georgette

For any kind of occasion and festival, you can wear georgette hijab. You can wear them in your office, college, and university. They create the perfect fall look, look extraordinary every day.

  • Linen With Jhallar

This is a soft and cold hijab. The fabric is knotted at the end and turned into jhallar. Gives full coverage. You can use it as dupatta for salwar kamiz.

Based on design

  • Printed

Fancy printed, multicolor printed, half and half printed get every print type on cotton, georgette and linen hijab. Make your simple day gorgeous wearing these printed hijabs.

  • Pearl And Beadwork

For party hijabs, you will find varieties of design on pearl work and beadwork on shimmer silk, cotton and shimmer linen. Also get one-color shimmer linen for your special occasion.

  • Stonework

Get stonework on cotton hijabs. The stonework is either done in the borders or detailed in the whole hijab. We also stocked half silk and tissue stonework for parties and festive occasion.

  • Embroidery

Zari work, embroidery work on half silk, tissue, silk and georgette hijabs are now in our collection. Works on golden, royal blue, black and purple fabric really enhance your beauty. Also, the fabric color is very much captivating.

Find Latest Burka Design in Bangladesh

  • Burka

Cover yourself with unique embroidery work and zari work burka, get ready enjoy the gala to the fullest, allure with modesty and glamour at the same time.

  • Kaftan

For summer days, wear kaftan for a comfortable day out. They are the full sleeve and covers you half. Don't enfold yourself with a bunch of fabric when your work can be done by a little amount. Protect your privacy as before, by kaftan.

  • Kimono Shrug

These shrugs can do the work of two. You can wear them as shrugs like normal or you can wrap them around like burka.

Do Online Burqa Shopping in Bangladesh

We have burka for your daily wear, party wear, office wear and many more. You can find your outfit in one color, multi-color or designed. We also offer option full hijab collection only at Order online from our website and we bring it to your doorstep. We also have cash on delivery system. So, order now to get best deals and exciting offers on hijab and burka series.