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Unstitch Salwar Kamiz

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Unstitched Indian Salwar Kameez As Your Partywear

Get the Best Indian Salwar Kameez in Bangladesh

For a party occasion or a festive season, a casual look will make you more presentable among the crowd. Salwar Kameez happens to be the best choice to achieve a casual look.

However, if you are planning on getting a less bold yet personable attire, Indian Salwar Kameez is the best option for you. These fashionwear has a good reputation as a posh attire which adorns you with a casual look. Also, they have become a constant fashion trend in women’s wear.

Right choice offers you a huge collection of Indian three-piece in Bangladesh to simplify your shopping task.

Indian Three-Piece Collection You May Like

We offer a huge collection that meets your seasonal and festival requirements as well. We have a different fabric collection with elegant design. You can also choose from the different length and sleeve sizes. In fact, you can customize the length as you want. Before moving to that, let's introduce you to the types of fabric we offer.

  • Cotton

Excellent fabric choice for summer fashionwear. We have both printed design and embroidered Indian cotton three-piece. Cotton is, however, comfortable for all season. The acceptance of cotton is well-known. And we bring you the best of them.

  • Georgette

We have georgette salwar kameez perfect for your casual look. Each kameez has a unique embroidered design. The dupatta material is chiffon. This attire will lift up your personality in office, formal parties, and meeting sessions.

  • Silk

For a vigorous party night, family function or wedding, adorn yourself with silk salwar kameez. Become the ruby of the night wearing a fine combination of embroidered silk with gorgeous dupatta.  

And now, let’s move to the sizes and measurement.

  • Size

All of our products are free size. That means you are free to make either a tight-fit or a loose-fit kameez.

  • Length

There is enough fabric for you to customize the length. You can make your kameez long below the knee or you can keep it short if you want. You can make a normal kameez or round-cut kameez. Feel free to make anything you want.

  • Sleeve

Each sleeve has floral embroidery work in it. Every kameez has a full sleeve fabric. You can either make it full sleeve, three-quarter sleeve or a half sleeve according to your preference. Even, you can remove the sleeve and make your dress a sleeveless.

Choose the Right Product for Your Preference 

Right choice allows you to choose from the enormous collection of salwar kameez sitting right behind your desk. We provide you unique and original Indian salwar kameez on high-quality fabric. Silk, georgette, cotton with fine embroidery works and print is available for you.

Grab the Best Deal Today

Experience online salwar kameez shopping Dhaka. We also have a cash on delivery system. Get amazing offers and discount at Indian three piece price in Bangladesh only on our website. Order your product now and we will bring it to your doorstep.