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TV price in Bangladesh

Modern electronics have made our life so easy that we can’t imagine our life without many of them. Talking about modern electronics, television is the most common thing that almost every family has. That is because of the remarkable role of television in entertainment.

Family gatherings, house parties, movie night, home alone whatever you do, having a TV can make your leisure time better. However, having a TV now can help you do many other things than just changing the fixed channels.

Undoubtedly, to enjoy the blessings of modern electronics, you have to invest in authentic products. In Bangladesh, there is hardly an online shop that delivers the real product. If you are looking for an authentic online retailer to buy all real goods, is the best place to shop.

Here we have summed up our collections. Have a look.    

Our Smart Tv Collection

Switching from normal TV to smart TV is a wise move now. Having a smart TV can connect you to the modern world. Not just that, smart TV includes so many other amazing features as well.

We have a huge smart TV collection at our shop. We are the authentic retailer of many well-known brands. You can find your favorite brands here as well. Besides, we offer products at the best affordable price in Bangladesh. Here are the features of our smart TV collection below.   


LED TV is the latest popular version of smart TV that provides a better vision to the viewers. With the “Light Emitting Diode” technology you can enjoy up to 4k quality pictures and videos.

Also, with this type of TV, you can enjoy the fastest internet access. We have a huge great quality LED TV collection at You can choose from the variety of brands available on our website.

Available Sizes

We have a variety of TV sizes available at Mostly the size starts from 24” and our last size is 55”. You can choose a suitable size according to your need. However, enjoying the great view depends a lot on the size.

Besides, if you are concerned about the budget you can invest in medium-sized TV. Big-screen TVs are suitable for large rooms. Similarly, for smaller rooms 24” or more can be a perfect size. Click  to know the updated TV price in Bangladesh

Tv Accessories

You can also find necessary TV accessories on our website. Remote control, wall mount, TV holder, TV stand, and many other accessories are available at Though we provide the basic accessories free with the TV, you can also purchase them individually if you need them.

Other Electronics

Along with offering a bunch of amazing TVs, we have other necessary electronics for you. Electronics that are a must in our day-to-day life are available at at the most affordable price. Here is our electronics collection in short.

Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is a very common electronic that we use on a daily basis. It helps us to cook our main food automatically with zero trouble. But the efficiency depends on the product quality. We have all high-quality rice cookers of various sizes, colors, designs, and brands at

Microwave Oven

You can find the Microwave oven on our website. There is a lot of variation in feature, type, price, and size on this electronic product. You can choose your desired one at the best price from

Refrigerator and Freezer

Refrigerators are one of the must-haves in modern living. You can find a lot of affordable refrigerators with so many mind-blowing designs on our website. Besides, we have a huge freezer collection as well.

Iron Machine

We have an iron machine collection to get your clothes ready to wear every day. You can check here to know the price and what varieties we have on our website.

Why Shop With US? is one of the biggest moreover trust-worthy online marketplaces that deliver the best quality goods all over the country. Besides, we are the real retailer of many well-known brands in Bangladesh. We maintain the product quality and customer satisfaction with extra care.

However, talking about the price, offers the customer amazing deals and offers all the year-round to get their desired products at the most affordable price. So, if you need any product, order your desired product from us and we will deliver it to your doorstep. Visit our website to know the updated TV price in Bangladesh.