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Trimmer and Shaver

Factors to consider before choosing a good trimmer and shaver

To have healthy hair and to maintain the shape and size of the beard it is really very important to clean our hair and beard regularly. In fact, if we do not clean our scalp and facial hair properly then dust, vapor and other particles can capture our hair easily. And that might be very dangerous to our skin.

So, obviously we don’t want dry and damaged hair or a beard, right? Hence, a hair shaver, beard trimmer etc. are the most essential tools in our day to day life. But you can easily get confused with several brands and their machines.

Don’t worry! We import high quality trimmer and shaver and provide at affordable price in Bangladesh.

Trimmer & Shaver

The primary difference between trimmer and shaver is that a trimmer is used to trim hair for a smart and stylish look whereas a shaver is for a clear and clean shave.

If you are looking for a machine which can clean 100% hair from your face then you must go with a shaver. On the other hand, if you want a stylish hairstyle then you should look for a good trimmer.

Trimmers are categorized into several types depending on their purpose. For instance hair trimmer, beard trimmer, eyebrow trimmer,ear hair trimmer and so on.  Besides, shavers can be categorized into foil and rotary shavers.

How to choose a trimmer and shaver?

Buying a wrong trimmer or shaver that does not meet your purpose is worthless and a waste of money. So, before buying any trimmer and shaver you must consider the following aspects and then select the best product for you.

  • Length

Different kinds of trimmers are there depending on the length and size of the hair. If you want to cut a large chunk of hair then hair clippers can be the wisest option for you as they have wider blades. Again for facial grooming you can go with a high quality hair razor.

Furthermore, if you have baby hair and thinking of having a precise shape and cut then a trimmer will be your right choice.

  • Corded or cordless

Many of you become confused between a corded and cordless trimmer. Actually, inside both of them there is a cord. But the cordless trimmer doesn’t need to be plugged to an external power source but the corded one always needs a power supply while operating.

Cordless trimmers are very compact and portable. But as it runs on battery and so it’s cutting time depends on the battery life. Also, it has low power compared to corded trimmer.

Alternatively, a corded trimmer will offer you more power and a uniform cut but you need to use cable and plug while operating. You will get both corded and cordless trimmer on our website.

  • Purpose

This is one of the prime and essential factors while buying any kind of tool. Several kinds of trimmer, razors, clippers and shavers are there for different purposes. Because different texture and size of hair require different types of blades in the trimmer.

For shaving nose hair you must take the special nose hair clippers which are mainly made for sensitive skin. Next, some of the best shaving machines for Beards are there on our website. Moreover, you can choose an eyebrow trimmer, hair razor, ball hair trimmer etc. depending on your need.

  • Operate by what

In recent times, electric hair cutters are most popular and widely used everywhere. Generally an electric hair shaver can be two types. For daily use, straight hair and sensitive skin foil shavers are really impressive.

If you have curly hair then you might look for rotary shavers. We sell both kinds of shavers and trimmers in Bangladesh.


Hopefully, you got enough idea of how you can choose the right trimmer or shaver for you. Also, you can find high quality products of your choice in

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