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Basically an umbrella is designed to protect us from rain, wind and heat of the sun. And in the rainy season umbrella becomes our best friend.

This incredible item comes with customizing designs, colors and shapes. High quality umbrellas are available in at a reasonable price.

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What is Umbrella?

An umbrella is a portable circular cover that is used to protect ourselves from sun and rain. It is generally a folding cover held by a metal rib that is supported by a plastic or metal pole.

The main purpose of using umbrellas is to protect ourselves from rain, hail and sunlight. In our country umbrellas are used in almost every season. In case of hail, storm, dust, heavy wind and to protect skin from UV radiation umbrella is necessary.

From many experiments it is found that black color absorbs 90% of the sun radiation. So, it is the most suitable color for an umbrella as it will help more to protect your skin. Among all the umbrella brands in Bangladesh- moon, sankar, atlas, Rahman, xiaomi are noteworthy.

Different types of umbrellas

In general, five types of umbrellas are available in Bangladesh. In the following section we are going to describe them one by one.

Artistic Umbrellas

In many cases we see that people are fond of various artistic designs and colors. Hence, the popularity of buying artistic umbrellas are increasing day by day. Many fancy umbrellas and their variations are available at a reasonable price in our


Automatic Umbrellas

Automatic umbrellas have a special feature that can automatically open or close the umbrella just using a button on it. These umbrellas are easy to carry while you are walking in the rain. This type of umbrella becomes very comfortable as you can easily close and open it without any pain and trouble.

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Classic Umbrellas

The classic umbrellas usually consist of two versions. One is manual and another is automatic. These umbrellas are very strong and best for heavy rain and stormy weather. To buy a premium quality rain gear visit our website

Compact Umbrellas

If you’re seeking a windproof travel umbrella then compact umbrellas are the perfect choice for you. These kinds of rain umbrellas are easy to carry, small and compact.

Pocket Umbrellas

Pocket umbrellas are best for the summer season to protect your skin from sunlight and UV radiation. These types of personal sun umbrellas are very small and portable that can easily fit in your handbag. Get the best deal at the cheapest price in


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