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Protective Equipment

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) In Bangladesh | Right Choice PPE Collection


What does PPE Stand for?


PPE means ‘Personal Protective Equipment’. it is an umbrella term that refers to all the safety accessories and garments which keep the wearer separate from any potential injury or infection.


In the Covid-19 outbreak, all the safety equipment people use, especially the health workers, to stop the spread of this virus, are collectively referred to as PPE.  


Types of personal protective equipment?

Personal protection equipment comes in various types and sizes. The personal protection equipment list includes mainly 8 PPE types

  • Eye protection: such as spectacles or impact goggles, face shields etc.
  • Hand protection: gloves, barrier cream,etc.
  • Head protection: hats, helmets, hoods,etc.
  • Skin protection: long sleeves, sun protection cream, umbrella,etc.
  • Respiratory protection: surgical mask, KN95, respirator cartridges, full/half face respirator,etc.
  • Hearing protection: earplug, hearing band,etc.
  • Body protection: harness, fall arrest device,etc.
  • Foot protection: shoes, boots,etc.

Personal protective equipment is different in design and facility depending on their purpose. For example, personal protection equipment used in a hospital is different from PPE used in a fire hazard management agency.


Why PPE is important for Covid-19?

PPE works as a barrier in situations where hazards are not 100% inevitable. So, following the guidelines for using the PPE right is essential for minimizing the hazard.


In this Covid-19 situation, where personal hygiene and protection is the key to escape this pandemic, PPE is crucial to maintain. 


We all know, Corona is extremely contagious and can spread through human contact very fast. And preventing direct human contact can effectively control this virus. Personal protection equipment is handy when it comes to maintaining personal hygiene in this pandemic. You know wearing PPE in the right manner keeps the wearer away from potential virus infection. 


Wearing hand gloves, goggles, protective bodysuit, and face mask is extremely essential while going outside especially if the person who is most likely to come in contact with a corona positive person.


PPEs prevent the virus from transmitting from an infected person to another person. So, in short, the main reasons someone should invest in personal protection equipment are:

  • Maintaining personal hygiene.
  • Preventing the virus from transmitting.
  • Reduce the chance of an outbreak of the virus any further.


But keep in mind that, you should wear PPE in the right way to get the most out of your personal protection. Using PPEs in a wrong way can do much more harm than good.


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