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Organic Shutki

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As fish is one of our traditional foods, dry fishes are almost everyone’s favorite here. However, being a riverine country we have plenty of dry fishes available in every local market.

But finding an online shop for dry fish in Bangladesh is not very common. This is a reason why most of us can’t enjoy this mouth-watering food.

Also, while buying dry fish, we wish to buy it from a hygienic source. But finding an online shop having good quality dry fish is not that easy.

Are you a dry fish lover and looking for an online dry fish market in Bangladesh? For your convenience, has come with a trusted dry fish online shop in Bangladesh. Now, you can purchase your favorite dry fish from home.


Check below to know what we have at our online dry fish market.


What Varieties Do We Have?

As dry fishes are known as shutki in Bangladesh, you can find a variety of shutki collections on our website. Here is the list of dry fishes that you can shop from us.


Loitta Shutki

Talking about dry fishes, Loitta shutki is always on the top of our favorite list. And so, we have collected all authentic and good quality Loitta shutki for our customers. We have both big and small size Loitta shutki available at our online shop. You can check the picture to recognize the dry fish type from our website.


Kachki Shutki

Kachki is another famous dry fish in our country. You can find Kachki shutki at at a very reasonable price. Order Kachki shutki from us and enjoy the authentic taste of this dry fish.


Mola Shutki

We also find Mola shutki on our website. This is the most reasonable one among all other dry fishes. Also, our safe packaging makes the shutki 100% hygienic and odorless. 


Koral Shutki

Among all other dry fishes, Koral shutki is a bit expensive. Most people hesitate to buy Koral shutki because of the high price.  But at our online dry fish market, you can buy it at the most affordable price in Bangladesh. Visit our website to see our koral shutki collection.


Suri Shutki

We have plenty of Suri shutki collections of big and small size at our shop. If you are a Suri shutki lover you must visit our shop to buy your favorite dry fish at a very reasonable price.


Chingri Shutki

Chingri shutki has a great demand for its amazing taste. That’s why we have collected the Chingri shutki as well. Buy your favorite Chingri shutki from us because we ensure hygiene at our best.


Tuna Shutki

Almost all of us love to eat Tuna shutki. Cooking various tasty dishes with Tuna fish is a very common activity for the dry fish lovers. So, buy your favorite Tuna fish at the best price from us and enjoy delicious dishes anytime.


How to shop with us?

Shopping with us has a very easy process. All you have to do is visit our website, select your desired dry fish and place an order. We will deliver your goods to your doorstep.


We have collected all the best quality dry fish in Bangladesh. So shopping with us is always safe and beneficial.


Visit to know the dry fish price in Bangladesh.