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Rejoice Every Festive Moment Looking Beautiful Wearing Bangladeshi Katan Saree 

Get the Best Katan Saree in Bangladesh 

Traditional festivals, wedding occasion, and wedding reception is not truly completed without the luxurious katan saree. The intense and deep thread work really creates a traditional royal essence in every woman at the party. We introduce you to our comprehensive collection of including Bangladeshi katan saree for wedding season, festive season and formal occasions.

Choose From Our Exclusive Katan Collection

Occupy yourself with enormous katan with unique traditional gold-silver work, contrast and print work. We bring you the finest handwoven katan saree just buy one click.

  • Silk Katan

Bring the classy look to your appearance with silk katan. Really comfortable among the heavy outfit. Handwoven high-class fabric with golden silver thread work; heavy kolka zari work is done in the anchal; floral brocade and detailed design are done in the whole body.

  • Half-Silk Katan

Finely handwoven half silk katan saree has got golden thread work in it. The traditional betel and kolka design makes the saree captivating and attracting.

  • Tangail Katan

The best art creation from tangail is now at your doorstep. Wear Tangail Katan saree on any festive occasion to make your evening traditionally symmetrical and vintage.

  • Tosar Katan Saree

Buy from our exclusive collection of luxurious tosar saree in Bangladesh. Let the century’s old Indian golden art craft make your evening. The saree has finely woven lining with silver-golden print work in anchal and border. These saree has got unique luxurious pattern but happens to carry a casual look too. Wear them at the conference, meeting and formal get-together for a high-class appearance.

  • Kanjivaram Katan

Now let’s talk about our comprehensive collection of the renowned Kanjivaram katan of Tamilnadu. This wedding season, wear something exceptional to make the day more memorable. The significant and traditional Kanjivaram will concentrate your wedding look taking it to some higher level.

The whole body has got frequent and heavy golden zari work. The anchal has intense golden woven and dense floral designs; the sides and borders have got wide contrast linings.

The Best Is What We Serve

Silk, half-silk, tosar, Kanjivaram- the luxurious and famous handwoven katan saree in the continent that carries the century’s old tradition, ethnicity, and custom. All are now available at We give the best quality of katan saree around the continent because we also are the bearer of our customs and tradition. Enrich your wardrobe and your appearance occupying the best and unique katan sarees.

Amazing Deals and Offers on Katan Saree Price in Bangladesh

Shop authentic katan saree online from Choose from our option full collection where you can view various series of katan saree with individual price with one click. No rush, you can pay cash on delivery. Order now and enjoy exciting offers and discounts.