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Kasha & Pitol

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The best Kitchen Utensil set by Kasha and Pitol in Bangladesh:

RightChoice is now here at your door in Bangladesh with the topmost collection of beautifully crafted Kasha (bronze), Pitol (brass) and Copper (tambaa) kitchen utensils. So, if your query is where can I buy Kasha or where to buy copper mugs, Rightchoice is the first place to look into to buy best cooking utensils.

It’s better not to set for cheap materials when it comes about cooking and eating. Here at we provide you with all aristocratic Kitchen utensil set by Kasha and pitol you will ever need which most importantly ensure your healthy diet in everyday life.

Health benefits of Kitchen utensil set by Kasha and pitol: 

It has been proved through ages that kitchen utensils set kasha and pitol carries a lot of medical properties which are highly beneficial for human health. One simple example is good enough to prove the efficiency of copper and brass  metal i.e. all sort of bacteria gets killed if water stored in a copper or Brass vessel  just for 2 ½ hours. Eating and cooking in kasha utensils improve eyesight and skin condition! The most amazing fact about copper bottom kitchenware is it consumes 40% less L.P.G. for cooking compare to other kitchenware. Moreover, copper is antibacterial and copper water is beneficial for heart patients.  

Largest online store for Kasha, Brass and Copper products in Bangladesh:

Brass products online at

Best cooking utensil set made by Brass are available here at such as Brass plate, Brass Mug. Besides, we understand your aesthetic demand for using Brass metal items for kitchen and home decor; hence, we also provide brass metal handicrafts, handmade pitol spoon set, handmade pitol hari etc.

Copper products online at

Amazing and beautifully crafted copper kitchen utensil set are at its best collection here at Copper glass, copper mugs, copper drinking cups, copper drinking glasses etc. are available in our store which will fulfill your health and aesthetic demand.    

Kasha products online at

Kasha products are wonderful to us as household choirs and so we provide our customers with Kasha plate, original kasha bati, kasha glass, Kids special kasha set etc.


Best Products and Great Deal on best cooking utensil set:

To ensure your best experience and comfort, we offer you the best and quality products at a reasonable price here at You choose from our wonderful collection of Kitchen utensil set by kasha and pitol staying at home. Feel safe and secure to order online by providing the required information and we deliver your product safely. Cash on delivery system is in action here at So, you can pay after receiving the product. Also, check on our website for the best deal and offers on various product prices.