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Decorative Wall Hanger Planter In Bangladesh


Create a beautiful illusion into your home, put a life of nature in your simple apartment and make it extraordinary with our home décor series. Find exquisite things for decorating your indoor. These will take your indoor décor and indoor gardening to a higher level of elitism. Get wall plant hanger and stands including exclusive plants at a reasonable price.


Wall Hanging Flower Pots Online Shop Bd

You can choose from our unique and fascinating collection of hanging stands. Each time we bring you new and exclusive designs to make your apartment beautiful than ever.


  •    Heart shaped pot hanger

  •    Fancily designed wall hanger

  •    Triangle shaped wall hanger


You can decorate your bedroom and living room with these artistic fancy looking wall plant hanger. The leafy plants on it will look great on it. The leaves will slide down from the tob- that will really become a slayer!! Get the best indoor hanging plant stand bd at


Fascinating Plant Stands For Indoor Décor


Beautify your living room with these attractive plant stands. We have the dual stand, triple stand, and a rack to accommodate a bunch of flower pots. They are compact and minimal designful. They can fit in any corner you want to put them. Simple in design and gorgeous it looks!


Now We Present You The Orchids!


There's a saying- always save the best for the last. And here we are! Orchids have the real quality to make your ordinary apartment extraordinary. So why wait! Choose from our huge collection of orchid plants and buy them at a very reasonable price!

We have mini orchid plants for hanging on the wall. Also, you will find Aglaonema, Mokara, Dancing lady, Bromeliads, Catalonia, dendrobium and many more types of orchid at a comparatively cheaper price. Visit our online nursery now!


Grab The Best Deal

Ensuring you the best quality at a reasonable price is our main concern. Thankfully, we have such dedicated co-workers who work their heart and soul to fulfill your dream. We assure you the best plant and qualitiful pot stand at a good price. Choose from our collection and order online. Fill up the required section so that we can connect to you and deliver your products safely to your home. We have cash on delivery system. So you don't have to worry about the payment system! Enjoy your shopping!