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Fidget Spinner

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Set Descending Direction

Get Relieved From Stress By One Spin!


The well-known Fidget spinner is now in our hot-gadget list! Exempt from stress, anxiety, autism, ADHD, and any kind of bad habit. Be more focused and attentive to any kind of complicated work you have. Pass a quality time with yourself without being bored by spinning the fidget. These Fidgets have a hybrid ball bearing that ensures a maximum spin for 2 minutes and a perfect balance. Above all, prepare to be dazzled by our exclusive design collection.


Bangladesh Online Fidget Spinners


Your favorite DC and Marvel characters are in town! Surprisingly, you will able to find them in one place. Yes, we have fidget spinners of your favorite hero’s logo. Featuring Captain America, Superman, and Spiderman in high-quality fidget spinner.


  • Captain America


Fight against your stress with the first avenger captain America. With the high-quality zinc alloy body, feel the power of his shield in your hand.


  • Superman


We have superman fidget spinner featuring Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice. The Kryptonian power is now with you!


  • Spiderman



We have two type of Spiderman fidgets. Red and black. Red is featuring the Spiderman and the Black one is featuring the Venom. Because we also have enough hero-fidget spinners!


  • Pirates Of The Caribbean


The original piece featuring the Pirates Of The Caribbean. Beautiful antique metal body. Maximum spin duration and perfect balance.


  • Others


We also have other cool designs including five and six head fidget spinner.


All of these spinners are noise canceling and give you a smooth and flawless spin experience. You can use them in your office, classroom. Decorate your office desk and enrich your hero-collection with these unique fidget spinners.


Fidget Spinner Bangladesh Price


Buy fidget spinner online in Bangladesh only at The high-quality zinc alloy body with hybrid ball bearing in your favorite logo. All of these are at a cheaper price.


Great Things At Great Deal!



Get amazing offer on fidget spinner Bangladesh online order only at Choose from our exclusive designer collection and place your order. Provide your name, number, and address and we will bring it to you. We also delivery outside Dhaka. You can pay in cash after the reception of the product. Also, check out amazing tools in our hot gadget section. Keep an eye on to get exciting offers and deals on our other products.