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Room Heater

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Set Descending Direction


Feel Warm In Freezing Winter

When the summer is becoming intolerance here, winter also does the same. From the past couple of years, winter is becoming intolerance. In the summertime, we have cold water and ceiling fan/AC to cool ourselves and reduce our uncomfortness. But in the winter we do not have so many options other than a room heater. But, the fact is most people think that room heaters are objects of unnecessary spending. Well, they are not. Room heater is as necessary as a fan or AC. And the good news is they cost less and they cause less money. So, bring a room heater in your home or office for a nice feeling of summer.

Heat That We Offer


We have heater on many brands including Bangladeshi brand. Mainly two types of heater are available here.


  • Room heater


This heater heats up the room by convection process. The room becomes very hot in this process. It has three adjustment choice for convenient use. Safety heat protection and 2 heat settings you coop-up with your house’s voltage. Get various color type including black-red, white-green on Walton room heater Bangladesh.




  • Fan heater


This device is able to heat the room comparatively faster. If your room is medium or big then, this is the best device for you. Fan heater basically forces the air to go through it where the air gets hot. Because the fan heater has a heating device in it. In this process, the room gets heated up quick in less electricity consumption. Also, the air keeps moving away from the fan so there is less chance of the device getting heated up. Automatic switch off, 4-position mood control, adjustable thermostat, integrated handle the additional cool feature to make it more convenient. Get the best room heater bd at a reasonable price.


Get What You Need



Shop room heater online Bangladesh only at right Get room heater and fan heater at reasonable and comparatively cheaper price. Give your phone number and address. Confirm your order via a phone call and we bring your product to you. We also have delivery system outside Dhaka. You can pay after the delivery is completed. Also, get exciting offers and deals on automatic room heater price in Bangladesh.