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Arts & Painting / Best Painting Shop in Bangladesh | Right Choice

The first thing we notice while visiting someone’s place is their indoor decoration. Undoubtedly, decorating your house is the best plan to rejuvenate the atmosphere. But most decorating ideas are time-consuming and that is why people often neglect to decorate their homes.

But do you know you can get your room a totally new look without much effort and time? Yes, paintings can do the job amazingly. A single classy painting can add a great aesthetic vibe to your old simple room.

All you have to do is, find a good place with a great collection and select any according to your room. And to help you in that is ready with a variety of painting collections in Bangladesh. Visit the website to know the painting price in Bangladesh.

How to Choose A Perfect Painting for My Room

Well, selecting a perfect painting is very important. If you do not choose a painting considering the room type, it might ruin the beauty on the contrary. There are some certain things to focus on to find out a perfect painting. Here they are in short.

  • Room type: You must know whether you need a painting for your bedroom, living room, or some other place. Normally, a bedroom painting comes in a cool-tone for relaxation and on the other hand, a living room or other places requires paints with warmer colors that can give joy, energy, and enthusiasm. So, knowing the room type is important.
  • Background Color: While selecting a painting for a particular room you must keep in mind if the painting goes well with the background color. Color combination plays a significant role in room decoration.
  • Room Size: Your room size is important factor to decide what size painting might look good. For example, a huge painting for a small room is quite odd. So, it’s wise to choose an accurate size to get a perfect painting for your room.  

 Our Best Selling Collections

Well, comes with a huge collection at the best affordable painting price in bd. And so, customers can find any type of painting they need from our website.

Here are some of our most popular painting types below. Read them out and choose which one you want to order to decorate your sweet home.

Acrylic Painting: Acrylic paint is a water-based pigment in a suspension of acrylic polymers. This kind of paints can bring more natural effects to any painting. So, painting a natural scene with acrylic colors is a good idea.

Mostly, paintings for bedroom and guest room are made with acrylic colors as most people want natural collections there. However, an acrylic painting doesn’t need much maintenance and so it comes at a quite reasonable price. Click  to know the best acrylic paint price in Bangladesh.

Oil Painting: Painting that is done with oil-based colors is known as oil paintings. The oil painting has some rules to follow while working with it. It’s quite tough to paint with oil-based colors. Experts suggest practicing with water or acrylic colors first before trying oil paints.

Though it takes time to dry an oil painting, the texture of an oil-paint is more realistic and perfect. A good piece of oil painting can decorate your living room amazingly. This is why oil paintings are more expensive than other ones. Click to find the most affordable oil painting price in Bangladesh.

Spray Painting: The spray painting process is mainly spraying the paints through a sprayer on the canvas or object. Spray paints are mainly liquid colors.

This type of paints is suitable for wall painting. You can simply spray paint on any wall of your house applying different strategies. Check out to know the most affordable spray paint price in Bangladesh.


Canvas Painting: In a canvas painting a plain-woven fabric is used as a surface. These kinds of paintings are very suitable to decorate living rooms. Most canvas paintings come with a variety of aesthetic finish of professionals.

Not to mention, canvas paintings are one of the best options to decorate your house. Get your desired canvas paint now from because we offer the most reasonable canvas painting price in Bangladesh.

Why Choose Us?

Decorating your house is something that you do once or twice in your entire lifetime. So, it’s obvious to choose the best quality product at its best affordable price. With that thought on we offer the biggest painting collection in Bangladesh with almost every type of paintings for our customers.

Not to mention, is one of the biggest online marketplaces that deliver goods with the best quality and confirms the customer’s satisfaction to the fullest. When it’s about shopping with, it’s always happy shopping.