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Bean Bag

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Bag price in Bangladesh

Bean bags are the coolest alternative to expensive furniture in modern furnishing. Along with fitting in your budget, a bean bag can confirm the best comfort in your lazy hours. This modern furniture can be placed anywhere in your house. Where ever you set, you can easily replace them when you need extra seating.

Well,bean bags are absolutely amazing in adding a modern touch to your place.But finding a perfect bean bag is often troublesome. Moreover, it’s quite tough to find a perfect bean bag in Bangladesh as very few shops have a good collection.

But to get you more options at the most reasonable price, offers a huge bean bag collection. We deliver the best quality bean bags at your doorstep.Click here to know the bean bag price in Bangladesh.

What is a Bean Bag Chair?

Well, as we have already told you, it is modern furniture used for a comfortable seat. It is basically a seat filled with polystyrene beads. It is also known as bean bag chairs,bean bag couch, or bean bag sofas.

While seating on a bean bag it fits your back perfectly without leaving a gap and that is why it becomes so comfortable to lay on. Let’s know about some must checking facts while buying bean bag furniture.

Bean Bag Buying Guide

Well, as it relates to your comfort and indoor decoration, you should consider some important facts before buying indoor bean bags. Here what you must check before you buy.

Size: Usually, bean bags come in 3 different sizes. Small, medium and large are the three available bean bag sizes. The small ones are mainly the baby bean bag which is nearly 40-60cm long.Besides, a medium one is normally 80 cm and a large one is 120cm or more.

Mainly, you have to choose the size according to the user's age and weight. There is a bunch of options available on .bd to choose the perfect size bean chairs for adults and toddlers.

Style: A bean bag comes in 2 different styles. The footstool and the full body bean bag. The footstool style is used as a sofa where you can put your legs on the floor. Full body bean bags are bigger in size and they are more like beds where you can sleep as it fits your full body easily.

However, it can be either a pre-filled or a removable bean bag. Prefilled ones are normally all set by the manufacturers and for removable ones, you need to pour the beans inside the cover by yourself.  

Usage: Well, buying a bean bag, you can enjoy the service lifetime. Mostly, these furniture are quite durable and don't require much maintenance. You can go for double or single bean bags according to your need. And whether you want to use it alone or you want a partner bean bag, buy it according to your need.

Material: The material of a bean bag can be various. Cotton, linen, marine-grade vinyl, leather, faux leather, corduroy, faux fur, etc. are the material you can choose for your bean bag. Besides, choosing the best suitable material depends on where you will be using the furniture.

If it’s for indoor use, linen fabric would be much preferable as it’s more comfortable for your skin and removes stain faster. Besides, in summer cotton bean bags can work amazing. However, for outdoor use marine-grade vinyl made bean bags are best. Leathered ones are also durable and good to give your room an expensive look. 

Placement: You can place a bean bag in any area of your house. In fact, it’s a great option to save space in small houses. As you can bring the bean bag in any room anytime, placement is never a problem for this stylish furniture.

Our Verdict

Though bean bags are known for their superb comfort, it has some health benefits as well. Bean bag chairs can help you deal with your back pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and many more mental and health issues.

As bean bags are a great option to revamp your living room, bedroom, or gaming room, investing in a good one is important. So, find out the one you need from Bangladesh's biggest online shop and get your desired product delivered to your house.