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Electric Kettle

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Taste Of The Best Hot Beverage In No Time


We Bangladeshis are very fond of hot beverage. Tea is a kind of beverage that reigns on every home. But our corporate lives rushing tendency leave us to start our day without tea. But hopefully, that won't happen again. Because we are introducing you to the high class thermal electric kettle. It will save your precious time but give you the taste of a great beverage.


Find What You Need At Your Price


We have stocked a good collation of electric kettle of leading top-class brands in Bangladesh. Bring home internationally celebrated Miyako electric kettle in Bangladesh. We are offering you


  • Tea maker


Order tea maker of popular brands on our website. These tea makers are thermostat and consume less electricity. Just put water in it. and after when it is perfectly boiled, put tea powder in it. Leave the switch on for a minute and it is ready to serve. These tea makers have a push button to open the lid. The cleaning process is very easy and handy. Get electric kettle in bd at a reasonable price.


  • Coffee maker


Get the perfect taste of brewed coffee only at our branded coffee maker. Often times it is difficult to get all the after residue if you don't have a removable filter. These double layered coffee makers have removable mesh filter. This is really a helpful feature. You can get all the residue in one place rather than messing up the kettle. You can get these coffee makers at a cheaper price because of their simple and handy design. What are you waiting for? Order yours now!


Reasonable Coffee And Tea Maker Price In Bangladesh


Get the best deal on coffee maker price in Bangladesh. These electric kettles are very compact and handy. You can buy one for your or your home. Enjoy the best hot beverage ever made at home. Ensuring you the best quality product at a reasonable price. View our collection with real pictures. Order online and we take your product to your home. We delivery both inside and outside of Dhaka. You also can pay on cash after you have received the product. Also, keep checking in our website for exciting deals and offers on products price.