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Best Gardening Tools in Bangladesh | Right Choice BD

Gardening is another way of appreciating nature and bringing peace to your soul. And if you want to start gardening for the first time or if you are a plant lover, then indoor plants are the way to go.

There are a few things you must keep in mind to make your indoor plant bloom and thrive. You will need some basic tips and tools to do so. But there is nothing to worry as RIGHT CHOICE BD has every solution for your need in this journey of yours.

How to take care of indoor plants 

Indoor plants need different types of care routines than the outside ones. If you are a beginner, then all these might seem a little bit confusing at the beginning. But, nothing to be worry aswe will guide you the whole routine step by step. So, let’s begin.

  • Firstly, pick the plant you want to have indoor and do thorough research about its classification and nature.
  • Choose the right place and right pot size for your plants. Make sure the pot has a drainage system.
  • Fill the pot with moist soil. You should only add room temperature water to the soil.
  • Arrange properly balanced fertilizer and toolset according to the plant’s requirement.Like Vermi compost, organic fertilizer and organic pesticide.
  • Maintain accurate humidity levels in the area.
  • Water the plants as per the classification and requirement of the plant, as not all the plants need the same amount of water.
  • Prepare the soil right. Regularly loose the soil and add the right proportion of fertilizer. A couple of toolsets will get you going.
  • Don’t move the plant frequently from its place and make sure the amount of light your plant needs are available in its usual spot.
  • Prune the plant if requires.

Does it seem like a lot to do? Well, it might be a bit confusing at first, but RIGHT CHOICE BD is here at your rescue. You can find everything you need to grow your indoor plants here with us.

Soil: The type and amount of soil for indoor plants you need depends on the types of plants you have. As the components of indoor potting soil are one of the main sources of food for plants, preparing the house plantsoil is essential. Otherwise, the plant might suffer from malnutrition or even might die.

But it is quite a hassle to find the soil balanced with the right amount of nutrition nowadays. But you can find the best indoor potting soil for your plant in RIGHT CHOICE BD. we will deliver it right at your doorstep at a reasonable price.

Garden hose: Watering the plants efficiently is a must for their growth. Underwater or overwatering can harm the plant. And a water hose can make this watering task easy for you. Just attach the hose to any water source such as a water tap.Then you can easily water your plant. This way you can spray the right amount of water in every part of the plant.

Now that you thinking of buying a good quality, durable gardening hose, RIGHT CHOICE BD can assist you in this matter. We have best gardenhose pipe, hose reel, and other essential accessories for you.

Soil tester: Soil testing is crucial for knowing the pH level and nutrient level of your soil. You can also determine the amount of fertilizer you need for the soil based on this test.

You can do these tests using a soil moisture meter or digital soil pH meter. This not only ensures the right the amount of nutrient for your plant but also save money by preventing the excessive use of fertilizer.

We hope you understand the importance of testing your soil to make sure the plant’s proper growth. For this test, you will need a soil meter which you can find in the best quality from us.

Fertilizer for indoor plants: Plant fertilizers provide all the nutrients your plant needs and make the soil ready for planting. Choosing the right type and amount of garden fertilizer is important. Otherwise, it will harm the plants.

The right amount of indoor plant fertilizer will make your plants bloom. Using excess fertilizer can reduce the soil balance and make it inappropriate for the plants. So, having the mixing proportion right is the key.

RIGHT CHOICE BD provides the ready-mix all-purpose fertilizer so that you can avoid all the hassle of mixing it on your own. You can also find complete fertilizer and soil pack at an affordable price all over the country.

Plants toolset: Indoor plant toolset comes handy when you are planting the plants indoor. Indoor gardening set helps a lot to take good care of your plants. Some essential tools from the set include hand fork, shovel, trowel, etc.

Hand fork: Hand forks come handy to distribute the fertilizer in the soil evenly.

Trowel: trowels help to dig, move, smoothening the soil as well as apply fertilizer.

Shovel: using an indoor plant shovel will help you make holes or move loose soil easily and effectively.

You can buy all these indoor garden tools sets individually and in sets from us at an unbeatable price.Check online Gardening tools price in Bangladesh.


Why Right Choice BD will your lifeline

Now that you know all the basics to plant indoor plants and that you can find all the essentials from us. But you might have a question, why you should buy from us? Well, we would love to answer that.

RIGHT CHOICE BD is one of the trusted and well-known online shopping platforms in Bangladesh. We have served our clients four years without any failure. Our client’s satisfaction is always our top priority. So, we never even think of compromising the quality of our Gardening Tools.

You can surely find high-quality gardening tools from us at a very reasonable price no matter what your budget is. We also provide during the sale and after-sale customer services. So, you can find us anytime for your assistance.

We provided quick delivery throughout the whole country. We are very confident that our service will definitely satisfy your need.