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Fire Extinguisher Price in BD | Right Choice

Leaving in a country where fire accidents are very common, fire extinguishers are the best way to ensure safety. However, at home, office, hospital, shopping malls, school, college, university, or industries, the proper use and availability of fire extinguishers can save many lives.

To control the increasing number of fire accidents and their irreplaceable damage, the Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (RAJUK) has made fire extinguishers the must-have for most places. However, finding the best place to purchase good quality fire extinguishers is not that easy yet in our country.

But now you can get a suitable fire extinguisher from online shop. Stay tuned to know about the Fire extinguisher price in bd.

Types of Fire extinguisher

Not all fire incidents are the same in type. And so, different types of fire extinguishers are needed for different fire accidents. For example, fire extinguishers at home and in an industry have a huge difference.

And to get you a crystal clear idea about what fire extinguisher is needed for what use, we have included a discussion below. By reading it, you can decide which fire extinguisher you actually need to buy.

Classifications of Fire

Class A: In this type of fire occurrence paper, fabric, wood, and plastics are the main inflammable. And to extinguish the class A fire, a water-based fire extinguisher is needed. It works amazingly to control the fire in a few minutes.

Class B: This sort of fire accident occurs in the presence of liquid combustibles. Dissel, petrol, alcohol, and other oils (except cooking oil) are the main elements of class B fire incidents. However, to control this, you need a foam-based fire extinguisher. Using Co2 fire extinguishers can be an effective alternative as well.

Class C: This indicates all the electrical fire accidents. Computers, heavy engines, motors, inverters, and any other electronic appliance occurring fire accidents belong to the Class C fire. And to deal with it, you need a  Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher also known as Co2.

Class D: Fire inflamed by any type of metal is known as the Class D fire. Metals like titanium, magnesium, lithium, potassium, and sodium are mostly the base of this fire. Dry powder fire extinguishers can work perfectly to control the spread of Class D fire.

Class K: Basically, Class K fire is caused by the vegetable and animal facts and cooking oil. And to take control over Class K fire, you need a Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher. ABC fire extinguishers can be used in Class K as well.

With the rapid development of technology, many impressive gadgets are invented to take quick action against fire accidents. And the Fire Extinguisher ball is one of them. This easy-to-use fire control ball is the fastest performing fire extinguisher yet. To order visit

Fire Extinguisher Buying Guide

Well, you have already known how to select the suitable fire extinguisher for your place, but there are some other facts you should know before buying one. Check below to know the facts.

Authentic Approval: The fire extinguisher must have CSA, ETL, FM, and UL approval. Otherwise, there is no guarantee of its efficiency. Poor quality moreover fake products can put you in danger instead of saving you.

Perfect Size: You must select the one that is perfect in size for your place. For example, you don’t need an 8 kg fire extinguisher in your room. It's a good choice for bigger places like industries, schools, hospitals, etc.

Easy to Carry: Choosing the perfect size matters because you must be able to carry it easily. The more kg you add the heavier it gets. However, if it’s too heavy to move you can’t spread it all over the place. So, select according to your capability of moving it in need.

Perfect Pressure: The fire extinguisher must provide perfect pressure when in use. Otherwise, you will have to push harder to work with it, which is never recommended. Your fire extinguisher must require less effort to work in the crucial moment.

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