Rechargeable mini fan

Who doesn’t like a rechargeable fan in this hot summer country like Bangladesh? Moreover, the terrifying and uncomfortable load shedding makes people’s life as a condition of dying. To avoid this unpleasant situation, a temporary solution can be a rechargeable mini fan.

Whether you have all these facilities like fan, ac, generator, then also you may have a need for a portable rechargeable fan when you are walking, traveling, going shopping mall or somewhere else.

Let’s introduce the rechargeable mini fan more in this article.

What is a rechargeable mini fan?

A portable battery-operated mini fan is great for air moving and air circulation. It has to charge with a USB port and cable. You can charge it from your laptop, desktop, mobile charger and also through your power bank and so on.

There are various kinds of mini fans. Among them, a USB rechargeable fan is the most user-friendly and powerful. Examples of other mini rechargeable fans are:

  • Sports-friendly hand-free mini fan
  • Hanging/wearable neck fan
  • Headphone-designed portable neck fan etc.

How long does the mini rechargeable fan last?

Many people have doubts regarding the service of mini fans about how long they can survive. Basically, the mini rechargeable fan can last 2-4 hours at a high speed and it may go up to 9 hours at a slow speed.

Which rechargeable fan is best in Bangladesh?

There are so many good brands that do have mini rechargeable fans. Among them, Vision, Walton, Xiaomi, Kivee, DAMILE, and Awei are significant. Rechargeable mini fan prices in Bangladesh vary according to the brands and quality of that product. The price of the rechargeable fan starts from 700 to 1500 BDT.

Among various types of rechargeable fans, the USB mini rechargeable fan is actually good for personal use. It is not suitable for room use and it won’t cool down the air temperature of the room. The mini rechargeable pocket-friendly fan is quite good for you when you use it at the nearest distance.

For hot summer days, this kind of fan is the best option for travel and office use. 

Key consideration things when you buy a mini rechargeable fan:

  • How much time does it take to fully charged
  • Operation time
  • The cycle of battery recharge
  • Battery type and capacity
  • Brand name and value
  • Price

Where did you buy a mini rechargeable fan?

A mini rechargeable fan is a necessary item in hot countries. When the people of a hot weather country move here to there, they always think about the matter of heat. So many people start to use a mini rechargeable fan so that they can carry it everywhere. But the main problem arises when it comes to the question of satisfaction and the quality of their product.

Good quality mini rechargeable fans with authentic service are rare in Bangladesh. However, now the days of complaining about the service are going to be over. You can buy a good quality product from Their service and product quality are top-notch. You can visit here to find them.


In the hot weather, people’s first choice is being relaxed from the terrible heat. At the time, the demand for the rechargeable mini fan is increasing. This kind of fan can make your life easier and a little bit more comfortable. It is a travel-friendly good option and you can keep it with you.


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