Rechargeable fan price in Bangladesh

Rechargeable fans are a great innovation and these add great comfort to human life. The problem arises when the electricity goes off. Still, the Bangladeshi people suffer a lot because of the electricity problem.

At this moment, the best solution comes at an affordable price. That is the innovation of rechargeable fans. Almost all the electric brands in Bangladesh have made rechargeable fans to solve terrible heat and avoid uncomfortable situations.

Hence, the rechargeable fan price in Bangladesh is affordable and it saves money from making IPS. A rechargeable fan gives a hassle-free solution and you can move it to your necessary place.

For a comfortable sleeping night, there is no alternative to a rechargeable fan in Bangladesh.

What is a rechargeable fan?

A rechargeable fan is an electric home appliance product that can blow the air without the supply of power electricity. It works like other fans but it has no need for any power supply.

Regardless, rechargeable fans have a battery system with a USB port. You need to charge the fan and then you can run it without the electricity. 

Why do you need a rechargeable fan?

Bangladesh is primarily a hot summer country. In this country, the fan is an essential thing. You cannot stay at home without the fans. It is difficult to stay without a fan in the summertime. 

During the summertime, the temperature rises on average from 30 degrees to 40 degrees. With this horrible heat, load shedding is also happening. So, there is actually no alternative to rechargeable fans.

Now, let’s point out some of the other benefits of having a rechargeable fan in every house. The benefits are given below:

  • Transportable
  • Gives comfort
  • Need lower energy costs
  • Budget-friendly etc.

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How many types of rechargeable fans are available in Bangladesh?

As the demand for rechargeable fan is increasing in Bangladesh, so for the high demand, sellers are bringing various types of rechargeable fans which is convenient for meeting all purposes. There are many kinds of rechargeable fans available. The types are given below:

Other than these, you will get various kinds of multi-functioning rechargeable fans. These fans vary from quality to quality. You will get different price ranges according to the brands.

This article will also get information regarding the rechargeable fan price in BD. So, go ahead with it to know the price details of rechargeable fans.

The price range of different brands of rechargeable fans in Bangladesh

The price range actually does differ from brand to brand. You get lots of brand options for buying a rechargeable fan along with the Chinese brands. There are so many websites available in Bangladesh such as  where you get your desired product of home appliances at a budget-friendly price. Moreover, there are lots of brands also available for buying rechargeable fans.

Let’s know the price range of rechargeable fans according to the different brands.

Singer rechargeable fan price in Bangladesh 

The singer is one of the renowned brands in Bangladesh. This brand has very good quality products. Among the plenty of their products, rechargeable fans are also available in their collection.

You will even get a moveable stand fan which is rechargeable. The price range of this fan starts from 5000. You will find rechargeable fans of more than 5000 also.    

Other than this, you will get a solar system ac/dc rechargeable fan in singer brands.

Vision rechargeable fan price in Bangladesh   

Vision is another good and popular brand in Bangladesh. This brand has an AC/DC battery-operated recharger fan in its collection. The quality of their product is good and affordable also.

You get a warranty along with your buying product. There are two types of sizes in their rechargeable fan. One is 12 inches and another is 14 inches. You will get them at 3000 – 3500 taka.

Walton rechargeable fan price in Bangladesh  

Walton rechargeable fans are also demanding in the market. There are plenty of variations in their products. Various kinds of fans are available in their store. You will get the rechargeable fan for the price of 4100. The price may increase depending on the functions of the fan.

Defender rechargeable fan price in Bangladesh

Defender is a very good quality brand in the market of rechargeable fans in Bangladesh. From this brand, you will get various kinds of rechargeable fans including, rechargeable desk table fans, rechargeable stand fans, small rechargeable fans, etc. according to the size difference, and the price of the fan varies. However, you will get the defender rechargeable fan at 4000 tk to 6500 tk.

Rechargeable neck fan price in Bangladesh

A rechargeable neck fan is very much helpful for people who love doing sports, walking outside, traveling, etc. The fans are battery-operated and it has a USB port to charge.

However, this portable fan price in Bangladesh starts from 450 taka. You will get a good quality neck fan within 1500 taka.

Rechargeable stand fan price in Bangladesh   

Almost all the renowned fan brands have incorporated the rechargeable stand fan in their collection. A rechargeable stand fan is very great for home use. At a time, 5-6 people can get sufficient air from this fan.

The price of this fan in Bangladesh begins from 6000 taka. There are various kinds of diameter shapes among these stand fans. The price may reach 6000-8000 according to the sizes and battery health.

Rechargeable fan battery price in Bangladesh

The most common problem of rechargeable battery fans is the battery may get down due to use. After 6 to 8 months, later you may find a little bit of slow movement of your fan because of the battery issues.

For this kind of fan, regular charging is important. However, if you find any problem with your fan’s battery, then you can easily replace it. The price of this battery is 500 to 700 taka.

Which company gives a variety of options for buying different brands of rechargeable fans?

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Rechargeable fans are an innovation of modern technology. In this modern time, the perfect solution for load shedding, avoiding heat, and making a comfortable sleep is very easy with this kind of technology.

Moreover, the rechargeable fan price in Bangladesh is quite affordable if you think about the purpose it serves.

However, it is quite difficult to live a comfortable life without a rechargeable fan. So go ahead and make peace in your life.

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