How to Arrange Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add life to our home and bring elegance to the indoor decoration. While decorating our home, indoor plants are one of the top-listed ideas we usually go for. However, adding a lot of plants won’t make your home look good until you know how to arrange indoor plants accordingly.

In fact, disarranged plants can ruin the indoor space instead. Well, there are a lot of easy tricks to arranging your favorite plants in a perfect way. Whether it is your home or balcony, follow the tips and trick below to arrange your indoor pants perfectly. 

Indoor Plants Arranging Ideas

Here are our superb effective tips to decorate your home in order to keep up the good ambiance below. Check it out.

Arrange According to the Place

If you are decorating a spacious room, you can easily add big, medium, and small plants on the tables, bedside, sofa sides, corners, and window sides as well. However, if it’s a small room, try not to put a lot of plants together. Else, It will make the area look more congested. And if it’s your balcony you can add a lot of plants together as there won’t be much furniture.

Arrange According to the Care

If the place doesn’t have enough sunlight and ventilation, most plants won’t survive there. Try keeping mini indoor plants that don’t need much care for such places. Also, don’t arrange them in a tough-to-take-care style. You have to make sure you can water and take care of them easily. Put them in a flexible area. 

Break the Monotonous Frame

We usually arrange the plants in a line. This looks boring and doesn’t make the indoor ambiance well decorated. However, you can keep them separately in different corners or sides of the furniture. Suppose, it’s your living room, here you can put one just beside the couch and put some more with other furniture.

Small to Big Plant Arrangement

It’s a great idea to keep the small plants in front of the big ones. If you keep the small ones behind the big plants, it becomes less noticeable. So, put the small ones in places where you can see them easily. And if you are keeping them with a big one, make sure they are in front of it. Besides, while arranging a lot of plants together, you can follow the small to medium to big size arrangement policy. 

Go for Wall Hangers

There are a lot of amazing plant wall hangers available in the market now. Along with adding elegance to the space, wall hangers can save much space in your room and balcony as well.

You can find round, floral, square, oval, colorful, single, multiple, and many types of plant holders now. And if you want the most reliable online shop that has the biggest plant wall hanger collections, visit here

Use Plant Stands

Plant stands are one of the best products to arrange the plants easily. There are single, double, multiple storied and a variety of plant stands available in the market. If you have a lot of plants go for the multiple plant holder and if the plant number is less, choose a small stand for you.

Besides, there are many plant stands that have an elegant design. You can purchase them to decorate your home in a classy way. Check here to find the best plant stand online at the best price

Add Beautiful Pots and Plants

Adding beautiful plant tubs and different plants can make a huge change to your indoor space. Change your old tubs and get some new indoor plants to make the plant arrangement process easier. Sometimes the plant doesn’t go with the ambiance because of a poor tub.

Also, many times it doesn’t go well because you have a poor plant collection. Get your indoor space new tubs and plants. Check here for affordable online ornamental plants in Bangladesh

Match with The Furniture

It’s important to match the plants with the furniture’s color, size, and shape. Don’t place a big plant beside a small piece of furniture. In the same way, arrange the small plants with small furniture. You can also, pay attention to the furniture and plant tub color. If all your furniture is in the same kind of soothing color, avoid placing eye-catching plant tubs in there.

Use Wooden Racks

You can use wooden racks to decorate your plants in a more stylish way. Place some wooden boards on your balcony grill and keep your favorite plants in it. Making square, Z shape, stare shape, and L shape wooden plant holders can get your indoor space a totally new look.

Easy Cleaning Setup

We need to clean the plants every now and then. And so it’s important to arrange them in an easy cleaning way. Leave enough space among the plants so that you can have enough room to clean.

Make sure, you can reach the last row of the plants easily to clean them regularly. Also, your plants should be arranged in an easy watering style.

Create A Plant Corner

You can create a plant coroner on your balcony to decorate your favorite plants more beautifully. Get your balcony a nice tob stand to make a plant corner. Arrange small to big plants and use wall plant hangers for a better view. Plant wall hangers can help you create a vertical garden as well. Check here  to get the best online flower plants for balcony in Bangladesh.

Divide the Plant Type

You can separate the plants according to their type while arranging them. Keep the flowering plants on one side and the non-flowing ones on the other. Thus, you can enjoy a better view in spring when all the flowering plants will bloom together. Check the biggest collection of online flower plant in Bangladesh from here


You have already known the most effective tips to arrange your indoor plants above. It’s a good idea to change the plant arrangement sometimes to bring a new look to the old place.

However, along with arranging the plants, it’s very important to take good care of the plants as well. Hope we could help you to know how to arrange indoor plants accordingly. Thanks for staying with us.